Lady AB signing 'fish'

Lady AB comes from two book-loving parents and her extended family all know that a present guaranteed to make her happy and to get a lot of use is a book. In fact, our only Melbourne-based relative, Tim’s uncle, has taken to bribing her with a book every time he comes to visit, which probably equates to a book a month. Nice deal.

One of his recent gifts was Lucy Cousins’ picture book ‘Hooray for Fish!‘. Cousins is probably better known for her Maisy series of books andĀ Hooray for Fish! is in the same colourful cartoonish style, with bright colourful pictures and a quasi-handwritten squiggly style of typeface.

Lady AB lovesĀ Hooray for Fish! – we probably read every few days and she anticipates what’s coming up so she makes the same gestures on the same pages. Of course, there’s the sign for fish, plus she likes poking the page when she sees the spotty fish and stroking the page repeatedly downwards with a finger when she sees the stripey fish. And when we get to the page with lots of fish she says ‘waaah’ in wonderment every time.

Lady AB signalling the stripy fish

Hooray for Fish! is one of the books I don’t mind rereading frequently because I like the ending. Little Fish has a ‘kiss, kiss, kiss’ for his/her Mummy and so Lady AB and I have a tight snuggle and kiss at the same time. Seeing Lady AB’s face light up from being kissed while she engages so enthusiastically with her book is just one of those small moments which is such a wonderful parenting reward.


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