NKOTB and I have been attending baby and toddler music concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre since she was old enough to enjoy them. Our most recent outing was to Animalia, a concert of animal-themed songs and activities held by Baby Music Love Fun.

Once again the concert was held in the salon with cushions on the floor for kids and adults. This time I knew to head straight to the front – you are more likely to have an unspoiled view and there are usually more props to share. I’ve been in the middle and the back before and I found that NKOTB was more distracted by the other concert-goers and not really attending to what was happening on stage.

We both had a great time at this concert – probably the best one we’ve been to so far. It was delightful watching NKOTB smile and laugh and interact with the music, kneeled attentively watching the pianist or watching silk scarves floating. I think we enjoyed this concert so much because NKOTB is more advanced with her development – she has learnt to sign some animals names so she knew what a fish, bee, elephant etc was. She giggled at the fluffy pompom dancing around her Flight of the Bumble Bee and stomped excitedly to the Baby Elephant Walk.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for future concerts. At $20 a ticket they’re a fun occasional outing and I imagine as NKOTB gets older she’ll love going to the concerts even more.


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