One of NKOTB’s favourite bedtime books at the moment is a gift from Grandma called W is for Wombat.

It’s a basic alphabet book but instead of ‘A is for Apple’ every letter uses an Australian word. B is for boomerang. C is for cockatoo etc.

The board book is perfect for NKOTB because it’s very colourful, with twenty-six different pictures to look at on single pages. The paintings have been done in a hypercolour version of Aboriginal dot painting which NKOTB likes examining in detail.

The thick cardboard and small size format means its easy for her to turn pages on her own.

Also, a lot of the words have signs associated with them so for instance when we get to D is for Dingo I do the sign for dog (two slaps on the thigh) and NKOTB will often slap my thigh as well. For J is for Joey I do the sign for ‘kangaroo’ and also do the sign for ‘jumping’ off the page and onto her and she anticipates it by slapping the page in response every time she gets to J.

For me, I just love the fact that she is learning a whole vocabulary of particularly Australian words so early.

I think W is for Wombat is a great gift for little Aussies and a particularly cool gift for those of them living overseas.

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