As I’ve mentioned before, NKOTB has really started enjoying music, with a particular preference for songs with a strong beat such as nursery rhymes, indie pop and Motown!

This week she and I extended her musical experiences at MusicPlay, a specialist children’s music festival that was held at the Melbourne Recital Centre. The festival had activities and concerts for kids aged from 0-12 years old to help them enjoy different varieties of music.

There were  three concerts suitable for NKOTB and we went to all of them for $20 each – not very cheap but nice for as a one-off occasion.

First up was Little Opera Arias by Baby Love Music Fun. NKOTB was familiar with a couple of the melodies thanks to a constant diet of classical music during our play time but this concert was a ‘sing-along’ version –  with silly baby lyrics to well-known tunes from The Magic Flute, The Sound of Music, Carmen and Rigoletto.

NKOTB was a intrigued by the performers when they started singing but then quickly lost interest in them, wanting to crawl around the floor, head to the amplifier cords or climb all over me. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people at the event – the space felt crowded and there were not enough props to go around even sharing one between four.

The second concert was our favourite – Mini Maestros Live with Shrewd Brass. The music of brass instruments was naturally a lot boppier than the opera so NKOTB really shook her tail feather during the sessions, rocking back and forth to the beat. She also got to have fun shaking shakers furiously, flicking streamers around and diving under a colourful parachute. Though at one point she teared up and raced to Mummy when the trombone played a solo. Add trombones to the list of things that she’s afraid of!

The third concert was Cradle Songs, guitar melodies by guitarist Karin Schuapp. This was a soothing, gentle concert of lullabies with no interactive activities for the babies, but NKOTB still had good fun clapping, crawling up to other kids and making baby sing-song noises once in a while. Who knows how much of the music she actually heard…

And the educational effect of attending all these concerts? This week NKOTB learnt to clap!


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