Lots of local libraries run storytimes but for a fun trip into the city the State Library of Victoria hold Baby Bounce on a Wednesday morning 10:30am every fortnight.

Baby Bounce is a baby story time session for kids under 2 years. A couple of the librarians run it and they go through stories, songs and rhymes which are designed to help young children explore language. The library also hold Storytime for 3-5 year olds on the same day from 11:30am – 12:30am though I noticed some older kids at Baby Bounce as well so I don’t think the age limits are strict.

We were running a little late so arrived to see a surprisingly large crowd of about 40 carers and kids. I’m not sure whether that class size is typical for storytimes run by public libraries because they’re free, or whether it’s only so big at the State Library because it’s central or whether it was a particularly large group because of school holidays.

Anyway, while the group was big, what I did love about it was that it seemed to be a particularly multicultural group of kids – lots of Indian and Asian families. Little Eurasian NKOTB fit right in.

During the 30 minute session we sang nursery rhymes and read a couple of short books, with lots of accompanying actions. NKOTB seemed to enjoy looking around at other people and the mass singing even though I’m not sure she was able to see the books or librarian from where we were sitting at the back.

After going to Baby Bounce check out the Play Pod for toys, craft and more reading fun. The library also has disabled toilets that you can wheel your pram into and a parents rooms with a change table and toilet. It’s the ideal place to stop with kids if you’re doing a trip into the city.

Baby Bounce, State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne
Monday to Thursday 10am–9pm
Friday to Sunday 10am–6pm


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