When I was pregnant, Tim and I would watch Junior Masterchef and plot about how we’d teach NKOTB to cook so that she could cook for us.

Not only did we want to save ourselves some housework, we wanted to instil in NKOTB a love for food, cooking and the social aspect of sharing food with others.

As NKOTB was 6 months old on the weekend, I decided to make some cupcakes for her half-birthday. Thanks to a recent visit to Cupcake Central, I used the cupcake mix provided in the goodie pack to make a dozen Devil’s Food cupcakes. It was easy peasy – I just had to sift the mixture, add butter, eggs and milk and bake for 15 minutes. The goodie pack also contained frosting mix, piping bags, a piping nozzle and colourful sprinkles, so I did my best to pipe swirls of chocolate icing before giving up and smearing icing on with a palette knife.

As you can see in the pictures, NKOTB was fascinated by the whole baking process. ┬áNow that she’s a older and bigger she goes in her Mini Monkey sling in a kangaroo position, meaning that she sits upright like a little joey in a pouch and peeks out at everything going on in front of her. The sling is an ideal way to carry her in the kitchen, leaving me with two hands free to make cake mixture.

I can’t wait till NKOTB’s older and can actually help in the kitchen. In the meantime, I want to make cooking with mum a fun and interesting activity for her. Hopefully one day she’ll tell me that one of her earliest memories was being with me in the kitchen.

PS The cupcakes were universally pronounced delicious! Honestly some of the best I’ve had, home-made or bought. A really soft and moist dark chocolate cake and not overly sugary chocolate frosting. The recipe suggested 15-20 minutes baking time and I pulled them out at 15 minutes which was just perfect, I wouldn’t go any longer. As for the icing – I halved the amounts suggested and I think that’s more like the right quantity.

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