You know that film Up In the Air? Well Tim and I used to travel like seasoned traveller George Clooney – packing light, moving efficiently through checkin and customs and tut-tutting at the families and old people clogging up the security x-ray machine queues (‘What do you mean, I can’t take my water bottle/screw-driver/pen-knife on board?’).

With a baby in tow, travelling light is a distant memory. No more can I get away with packing only hand-luggage for a week, now I have to wait with all the other suckers to pick up my checked-in bags.

I haven’t yet tackled a long-haul flight with NKOTB but three of the mums from my mothers group are doing 20+ hour flights in the next few weeks. One of them has helpfully circulated her packing list and I thought it might be useful for readers as well.

Baby inflight
  • Blanket from cot and sleeping bag
  • nighties
  • thermometer
  • panadol
  • change mat, nappies, wipes, creams
  • spare clothes x 4 complete outfits incl singlets and socks
  • baby bjorn
  • spare plastic bags for pooey clothes!
  • toys and teething rings and books
  • spoons and food
  • dummies for take off/landing
  • cloth nappies for wiping up
  • facecloths
  • wraps/muslins for covering her when feeding
  • bibs
  • anti bac gel
Me inflight
  • Change of clothes
  • ear plugs
  • breast pump
  • water bottle
  • panadol
  • breast pads
Other – in cargo
  • extra sleeping bag for baby
  • bath thermometer
  • cover for baby bjorn
  • pram caddy
  • blankets for ruby to lie on
  • pentavite
  • sunhat and beanie
  • mozzie net
  • phone charger
  • plug converters
  • bottles (wishful thinking!)
  • clothes for both of us
  • vitamin supplements
Things to arrange when you get to the other side if you can
  • Car seat
  • Travel cot + sheets etc
  • Pram/pushchair
  • Playmat
  • baby monitor
  • Bottle steriliser
  • Bottle warmer
  • Blackout fabric
  • Highchair/table chair
  • bath seat
  • Spare night light (plug in the wall type)

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