While it’s been easy to let the hassle and anxiety associated with venturing into the outside world with the NKOTB in tow keep us close to home, we have made a few tentative ventures outside the confines of our home.

Given that we don’t have a car, when we do venture out, we’re more than usually reliant on baby carriage contraptions.

When we know we’re not going far, or won’t be out for long, we’ve generally used the Mini Monkey Baby Sling to move NKOTB around. In fact, as the picture above shows, we are such inner-city clichés that I actually used the sling to walk NKOTB home from the hospital when she was new born.

It’s early days, but it’s worked pretty well so far. While it looks a bit odd without a baby in it, it’s all fairly intuitively obvious.  After a little bit of experimentation, we worked out that the ‘Banana Position’ (shown in the video below) worked best for keeping NKOTB stable and secure.

Like most babies, NKOTB seems to like the feeling of being enclosed in the sling and will generally drift off to sleep after a few minutes on the move. In fact, we’ve been able to use the sling a couple of times to settle NKOTB when she’s been particularly disturbed. To this end, one really handy feature that we’ve been using quite a bit so far is the ability to unclip the cling and then reattach it  inside the cot as a kind of hammock. The benefit of this is that it enables us to get NKOTB to sleep in the sling and then put her down to sleep in the cot without the risk of waking her up by taking her out of the sling.

Very handy, even if NKOTB looks like she needs a Pina Colada while she’s reclining.

The only short-coming we’ve found so far is that the sling does put a bit of a strain on your back after a while. Maybe it’s our technique or posture, but Joyce and I have both noticed it. In light of this, we’re considering trying to pick up a Baby Bjorn carrier for longer distance distance expeditions, but I’m not totally convinced yet.

On the whole though, we’re getting a lot of use out of the Mini Monkey – so under the binary rating scale that makes it a HOT!


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