So NKOTB has been home for a few days now and we’re trying to establish a routine to make day to day life manageable.  So far, we haven’t made much progress. NKOTB does what she wants to do, when she wants to, and no amount of prodding or cajoling will convince her to do otherwise.

All this has meant that we’ve had a couple of periods of restlessness while trying to get her to settle (Joyce would want me to note at this point that on the whole NKOTB has been adorably placid – her being grumpy is definitely the exception).  Unfortunately, these periods of restlessness all seem to have occurred during my ‘shift’ so I’ve already had to experiment with a few different ways of settling her.

Pleasingly enough, the most successful way of settling the NKOTB when she’s really upset has been turning the lights down low and playing Massive Attack at low volume.

Why on earth NKOTB would be into the Bristol Trip Hop scene at seven days of age is beyond me, but as soon as I put it on, the crying stops and her eyes focus and slowly move around the room as though she’s trying to identify the source. After about then minutes, the eyelids start becoming droopy and she’s ready to be put down!

Given that Joyce and I are big enough fans that she briefly considered skipping out on our wedding night to go to their Melbourne gig, we’re quietly pleased by this state of affairs.

What I can’t work out though is that Portishead doesn’t work at all…

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