You’ve probably gathered by now that Tim and I are in the anti-twee brigade and that extends to our nursery decorating choices. To offset the already growing soft-toy population, we’re considering decorating with a Banksy canvas print, pop art postcards by Shen Jingdong we brought back from Beijing and a Japanese woodblock print of a blue tree I bought in Ginza years ago.

My latest inspiration is a mobile reminiscent of an Alexander Calder sculpture like the one we saw at the Guggenheim Museum in Venice. Calder’s mobiles generally sell for hundres of thousands of dollars, so a cheaper alternative I’ve found is the Danish-made Flensted mobiles which are available in Australia from Melbourne store make Designed Objects.

Apparently mobiles are traditional craft in Denmark and Flensted’s creations range from traditional kid’s shapes like cars, balloons or butterflies to more abstract varieties. I’m leaning towards something like the Flying Saucers, Mirage, Bauhaus or Breeze.

PS make Designed Objects are on sale in October – 15% off everything and $5 flat rate shipping. Time to go shopping!

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