At 17 weeks I have resisted buying any sort of maternity clothing.

My  reasons?

(a) I have A LOT of clothes already and I figure I should be able to conjure up something suitable from my existing wardrobe;

(b) We are trying to save money for a baby and a house, and maternity clothing seems like an almost unnecessary expense given (a); and

(c) everything I’ve seen so far has been pretty uninspiring (why horizontal stripes, why?) and all the shops sound so….fertile. Seed, Ripe, Egg. A silly prejudice I know, but it’s hardly Dior, Chanel and Lanvin.

Speak to me in a couple more weeks when my belly gets bigger and I’ll let you know whether I’ve backtracked.

In the same frame of mind I’ve resisted buying any maternity bras. This is despite the fact that my breasts have now gotten so big that they’re getting unwieldy to an almost comical degree. When I look in the mirror, Joan Harris stares back at me. In bed I have to turn my torso as a solid block because otherwise I feel like my boobs will be left behind.

So today I decided that perhaps it might be time to visit the motherly bra fitters at Myer. And let me just admit right now – I was wrong. I should have done it earlier.

The lady tut-tutted as she saw the raw red marks on my chest and shoulders when  I took off my too-small underwire bra. Apparently when you’re pregnant and nursing you shouldn’t wear underwire bras because the wire presses on the delicate milk ducts. Whoops. Plus my chest had broadened and my cup size had ballooned. She actually said ‘You’ve got a bit of an explosion happening here’. Double whoops.

Thankfully in the meagre ‘Maternity Bra’ selection there were a couple of pretty and supportive bras by Elle Macpherson. I’ve always been a fan of Elle Macpherson’s underwear so I was glad to see that she had more designs with the mum in mind. In the end I chose ‘Too Precious’ and ‘Daylight’, not cheap at $69.95 each but at least they were lacy frilly numbers with functional clip-in/clip-off straps for breast-feeding, and nothing like the uninspiring cone-shaped bras which seem to complete the rest of the maternity bra offerings.

I bought two of each and put one on immediately with great relief. No more digging straps, no more tightness, the right amount of support, and no matronly beige.

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